General Information

The Apopka FC Academy Program (AFCA) is designed to provide an elite competitive soccer experience for young aspiring players in Apopka and the surrounding communities. The AFCA Academy Program offers an opportunity for youth players ages U12 - U19 to play soccer at a more advance/elite and competitive level, while still placing an emphasis on learning and having fun executing in all facets of the game on a daily basis. AFCA Academy players are required to give a greater commitment of time, energy, and focus to their individual development, tactical execution of the teams system play. Our program is designed for more serious players, who are interested in playing at a competitive college level, and potentially pursuing professional playing career.
Academy players and their parents at all levels are expected to commit to both the fall and spring seasons. The Academy teams will participate in the local (GCF and CDL Leagues) operated by Florida Youth Soccer Association. Academy teams will typically playing in 2-3 competitive pre-season and post season tournaments each season. Players will have the opportunity to practice 3 – 4 times per week for the U12-U19 teams and 2 – 3 times per week for the Junior Academy players. During the season Academy players are expected to attend all schedule practices, games, and tournaments.
All Academy teams (boys and girls) will be trained by a member of our professional coaching staff who has significant experience in developing competitive players and teams. Our coaches are committed and dedicated to helping all players improve their technical abilities, develop their knowledge and understanding of the beautiful game of soccer. AFC will also help players establish and achieve personal and team goals, they will also provide player specific pre-season assessment and post season evaluation of all players in the program. Our coaches value individual player development and will do everything in their power to provide them with the necessary tools to have a great soccer experience. We teach our players to understand the importance of brotherhood and bonding with their teammates. Our Staff believe that these ingredients are important in teaching young players how to become a better and more complete individuals on and off the field.
Apopka FC Academy teams are formed once per year, with tryouts typically occurring in February, late May or early June for teams that will play in the spring or fall seasons. Our selection process is very selective and our players are assigned to teams based on our coaching staffs’ assessment and evaluation of the players’ attitude, work ethic, demonstration of individual skill levels and their ability to adhere to the technical and tactical requirements of the team. Academy staff will select players for specific gender and age group on a need basis for individual teams. The Fee for tryouts will vary from year to year. The February, May and June 2017 tryouts will cost $15 per player.
AFCA will allow a player to compete at an older age group if both coaches, player parent, and Academy Director agrees. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, it is recommended that players in the Academy play with their age group as defined by FYSA an USSF. In order for a player to play up with another age group he or she must submit a request in writing for approval from the Age Group Coordinator. Once this formal request has been received the coordinator will then start to facilitate the process of approval.
AFCA philosophy dictates that it is extremely advantageous for Academy players and teams to have a diverse experience to be coached by various coaches with different coaching styles during their initial development as young impressionable player. Our philosophy emphasize that Academy coaches will only remain with a specific team for no more than 2 years. Exceptions to this rule may only be granted by the Academy Director of Coaching.